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Tom Andersen

for State Representative
House District 19
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Tom's Priorities


1. Climate Justice As your State Representative, I am working to make the State our partner in pursuing creative solutions and programs to mandate pollution, promote clean energy, and support carbon-free transportation.

4. Woman's Right to Choose I pledge as your State Representative to continue to make Oregon a leader in access to affordable reproductive healthcare. It is essential that this encompasses the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare for all women including birth control and abortion. I believe the decision to have a child is private, personal and voluntary. Oregon must continue to be a safe place where women have control over their bodies and children are supported and cared for.

2. Education Students at every grade level need to receive adequate education on how to be compassionate and involved citizens as they will be the next environmental stewards of our planet. As your State Representative, I am working to improve civics and climate education in our schools.

5. Healthcare Oregonians are paying far too much for their healthcare and prescription drugs. It is possible to provide more effective healthcare at a lower cost. As your State Representative, I support legislation that provides increasingly affordable health care and prescription drugs to all Oregonians.

3. Housing As your State Representative, one of my highest priorities is continuing to secure more aid from the state government to end the homelessness crisis in Salem.

Tom with his grandkids Sybil, Louisa, and Teddy. 

About Tom

Tom Andersen is not your typical politician. The son of a minister, he is passionate about making the world a better place by serving his community. Tom Andersen pushes relentlessly for laws and policies that are fair to everyone. He believes government should provide the social and physical infrastructure we need to thrive in our communities.

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